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Boat detailing protects your boat's finish!

Detailing Questions and Answers

Q: Why should boat owners have their boats detailed?
A: The nature of boats and how they are used means they need to be regularly cleaned and detailed. UV rays, heat, salt water, pollution, fishing residue, oil and fuel spills, cooking fumes: they all play havoc on every surface. Boats that are not properly cared for can have a sharp decrease in resale value.
The condition of your boat can be a factor on how often you feel like taking the boat out or how much you enjoy a cruise with family and friends.
Regular boat detailing is a must to maintain your boat's appearance, keep it functioning well, and preserve its value.

Q: What are the key services you can expect from boat detailing?
A: Detailing work may include washdowns, waxing, polishing, metal oxidation removal, varnishing, sanding, all interior cleaning (from a shampoo carpet clean to windows, clears and woodwork) and a variety of other types of protective, cleaning and restoration work.

Q: Is it expensive?
A: As with most other things, the price of boat detailing can vary a lot from one detailer to another, however boat detailing can be more affordable than most people think. First Class Marine for example has packaged services to suit most requirements and budgets. We also have specials and great discounts for regular services. Naturally, the more regularly a boat is maintained, the easier the detailing process will be and the less it will cost.

Q: What would you recommend for those who prefer DIY?
A: It's possible for the private boat owner to detail their own boat, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. A key challenge is to find the right products (amongst the huge range available now in the market) to get the result they want. For many this is trial and error which can be costly. Always ask for professional advice and try to keep it simple. I would also recommend calling a professional detailer at least twice a year to get the more complex jobs done.

Q: Why do you think First Class Marine stands out from the rest?
A: First Class Marine has been operating on the Gold Coast for three years now. And, because we focus on continuously building our reputation, we do not compromise on the quality of our work or the products we use. At the same time we know we must remain competitive so we keep our prices within an affordable range. We really do offer value for money.

Q: Anything you would like to add?
A: A boat can be a major investment so it does make financial sense to keep it in good condition. Enthusiasts are also more likely to make the most of their boats when they are clean, fresh and in top nick: so they can make sure to enjoy everything that boating and the beautiful Gold Coast have to offer!